Are CarFax One-Owner Honda Cars a Better Buy?

When car shoppers find a used Honda they like, they often forget to ask how many owners it has had. Since one-owner cars are typically in far better condition than comparable vehicles, determining how many owners a used car has had is important. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of one-owner cars.

First of all, one-owner cars look and feel newer than vehicles who have had multiple owners. Next, they typically have lower mileage because they have only be driven by one owner. Lastly, they feature less wear and tear and are safer than used cars with more than one owner.

Since one-owner cars come with many advantages, they tend to be more expensive. However, those who invest in one will save money in the long run because they will be less likely to pay for costly repairs. For this reason, almost 80 percent of used car shoppers stated that they’d rather buy a one-owner car rather than one with multiple owners.

Finding a One-Owner Vehicle

If you’re interested in a one-owner car, you should visit a franchised dealership. You can also use CARFAX to browse for one-owner cars in your area online. Simply visit CARFAX’s used online car page, enter your location, and filter your search results to only include “one owner cars.”

CARFAX allows you to view each car’s report at no charge. By taking a look at the report, you’ll find out how many owners the car has had, whether it was used for personal or business reasons, its registration location, and how many miles it was driven each year. The CARFAX car report also reveals whether the vehicle was in any accidents, floods, or fires.

What to Do Before Buying a One-Owner Vehicle

In the event that you purchase a one-owner vehicle from a franchised dealership, you should ask questions regarding the history of the car and find out why the owner has chosen to sell their vehicle. Be sure to always look at the CARFAX car report prior to making any one-owner vehicle purchase.

If you choose to buy a vehicle directly from the owner, you should ask them the same questions you would a dealership in addition to getting their phone number and address. Do not buy a vehicle from anyone who refuses to provide you with this information.

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